Mountain Shadows is focused on providing the highest possible level of pediatric care. To increase the quality of life and peace of mind for you, your little ones and your family, Mountain Shadows offers Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment and Pediatric Medically Fragile Waiver programs. At Mountain Shadows Home Care, we are experienced with helping families register for these programs.

Working with you, Mountain Shadows can help determine if your child meets the program criteria. Providing nursing and home health aide services to the families of these exceptional children is our passion.

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Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT) Program

Your child’s health is important, and EPSDT is a program that helps families cover medical and wellness exams, immunizations, laboratory tests, and health education for children under the age of 21 that are eligible for Medicaid. These services are important to assure that children are healthy and are developing normally. What does EPSDT mean for you? 

EARLY – Identifying and treating health problems as soon as possible

PERIODIC – Wellness exams at regular, age-appropriate intervals

SCREENING – Test children for physical, mental, development, dental, hearing, vision and other health issues

DIAGNOSTIC – If an issue or a possible risk is discovered, perform specialized follow-up tests

TREATMENT – Addressing any health problems with specialized care

Well-child checkups are designed at regular intervals to monitor children throughout four key stages of their development: Infancy (birth – 11 mos.), Early Childhood (1 – 4 years), Middle Childhood (5 – 10 years), and Adolescence (11 – 21 years). Preventing illness or disease is the best way to promote good health for every child! 


Mountain Shadows Home Care offers in-home health care for children and young adults with developmental challenges that qualify for the Medically Fragile Waiver Program. This program is available to specific patients who require daily skilled nursing care and meet certain medical and financial requirements. Families receive support and relief from time-consuming and stressful process of providing 24-hour care while the patient enjoys the comfort of their home environment. 

Services Provided by skilled rns and lpns include:

• Suctioning

• Respiratory monitoring

• Tracheotomy assistance

• G-tube feedings

• Medication Administration

• Assisting clients at school

mountain shadows home care las cruces
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